National Lobster Hatchery
Dr Carly Daniels
National Lobster Hatchery
National Lobster Hatchery
National Lobster Hatchery 01841 533877 Ext 7
National Lobster Hatchery
Dr Carly Daniels is the Principal Investigator for the Lobster Grower 2 project and heads up the research team at the National Lobster Hatchery.

Role of the National Lobster Hatchery within LG2:

  • Production and deployment of lobster juveniles in the containers, monitoring their survival and growth rate.
  • Collection of data on, water quality and environmental conditions.
  • Project management and delivery.
  • Dissemination of information.
Prof Lars Johanning
University of Exeter
National Lobster Hatchery
National Lobster Hatchery 01326 253730
National Lobster Hatchery
Professor in Ocean Technology, Lars Johanning is leading the work conducted by the University of Exeter.

Role of University of Exeter within LG2:

  • Development of a novel anchoring system for holding SBCC containers.
  • Stability and flow-testing of anchoring systems.
  • Development of field monitoring systems, including oceanographic modelling using wave buoys and ADCP to measure water movements.
  • Technical field support including providing Research Vessel DevOcean.
  • Modelling of lobster production and environmental impact of lobster aquaculture.
 National Lobster Hatchery
Gary Rawle
Westcountry Mussels of Fowey
National Lobster Hatchery
National Lobster Hatchery 01726 832333
Gary and Marina Rawle are the Company Directors of Westcountry Mussels of Fowey and oversee the day-to-day running of the mussel farm

Role of Westcountry Mussels of Fowey within LG2:

  • Deployment of mooring, anchoring and SBCC systems.
  • Security, monitoring and maintenance of site.
  • Provide technical support from deployment and checking of lobsters.
  • Storage and cleaning of SBCC systems.
  • Reporting on farm operations.
National Lobster Hatchery
Keith Jeffery
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS)
National Lobster Hatchery
National Lobster Hatchery 01305 206675
An Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health Business Development Officer, Keith heads up the LG2 research team at CEFAS in Weymouth.

Role of CEFAS within LG2:

  • Biological monitoring of organism status and health.
  • Environmental DNA assessment of lobsters.
  • Investigate regulation which may effect lobster cultivation.
  • Economic and market evaluation through industrial engagement activities with wholesalers, retailers, processors and distributors.
  • Collate economic, environmental and production data to produce an aqua-economic model for lobster culture.
National Lobster Hatchery
Adam Stringer
Falmouth University
National Lobster Hatchery
National Lobster Hatchery 01326 370743
Adam is an Industrial Design Consultant who will be working on the SBCC re-design for Falmouth University.

Role of Falmouth University within LG2:

  • Analysis of practical performance of SBCC systems highlighting issues and potential improvements in container and mooring system design.
  • Refine engineering designs of SBCC system using data gained through field testing throughout the project.
  • Produce detailed 3D CAD files that will aid in post-project production tooling of SBCC container.
  • Help develop the systems and SBCC container options for industrial development.